The SPA ritual is a journey of experiences – in a ritual you get guidance on how to use the beneficial products at the different sites on SPA. A luxurious moment for relaxation and a wonderful way to find new energy. SPA ritual does not need to be pre-booked, book SPA entrance and supplement with the ritual that suits you when you come to SPA.


Different rituals to choose

With the help of instructions and a kit with selected products, you perform the ritual at your own pace. We have several different rituals to choose from and right now we recommend Sköna Face, the Detox ritual and SPA Horizont’s golden edge. Take the time you need for each station, this is your time of day.

Ritual can be purchased as an extra when you come to SPA.
Available in all price ranges, from SEK 100

SPA Entrance Mon – Fri 330 / pers, Sat – Sun 380 / pers
If you have any questions about our SPArituals, prices or if you want to book an appointment please contact us at or tel. 0525-19111