SPA Horisont

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Family pool Stora Blå

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SPA & Family pool Stora Blå

At TanumStrand, there is both a family pool for all ages, Stora Blå – and SPA with an age limit of 16, SPA Horisont.

If you have purchased a SPA entrance, the family pool Stora Blå is included.

If you have purchased entrance to Stora Blå, SPA is not included.

Entrance to Stora Blå is always included for all hotel guests except in the summer from June 21 to August 11. For cottage guests, a discounted price is given.

Entrance to Stora Blå is drop-in and cannot be pre-booked.

Outside, there is an outdoor pool belonging to Stora Blå that is open during the warmer months of the year and out on the pier by the water, there is also a sea sauna belonging to SPA Horisont that is open all year round.

For infants in diapers, a SWIM DIAPER is required.

Swim diapers are available for purchase from us.


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