Our food

What do oysters, codfish, lightly smoked Swedish sirloin steak and golden lagers from Sweden’s oldest brewery have in common? Well, all these are featured in the food concept at restaurant Latitude 58°.

Beef cattle that come from farms in colder climates are healthier, eat better feed, and generally are less exposed to pesticides. Preparation methods in the colder latitudes have traditionally been by smoking, drying, pickling and salting – methods that are being continued at TanumStrand. To offer as varied a menu as possible at Latitude 58° we buy our raw ingredients from any place that lies within the fifty-eighth parallel, depending of course on quality and availability.

The seafood comes from our own salty, cold water in Bohuslän. The oysters we serve, Grebbestad oysters, are of a world-class quality! You cannot get a cleaner and more local product than this – just one nautical mile away is a wild oyster bed where the Klemming Brothers nurture and harvest their catch, one by one, in harmony with the sea and nature.

Catxalot The Grebbestad-based seaweed company Catxalot harvests seaweed for top restaurants across Sweden and holds courses on sustainable seaweed harvesting. The menu at TanumStrand’s restaurant Latitude 58° boasts several freshly harvested seaweed products from Catxalot.

Skrei cod migrate from the Barents sea down to the northern Norwegian coast to spawn. After this long haul through the cold, clear water and harsh currents, the cod obtain a musculature that makes for a solid, white, delicate meat. When the cod is well along this journey it’s called “skrei,” an old Norse word for migration. It is then that cod is best. Skrei cod is served only during January to April, when they are at the right point in their migration.

Grebbestad Oysters are a highly prized delicacy of the finest quality. Grebbestad’s oysters are wild and are picked by hand from the clean sea just outside TanumStrand. 95% of Swedish oysters here are picked by the Klemming Brothers. The oysters take six years to achieve the the highest quality. A local product of world class used in the kitchen at the restaurant Latitude 58 °.

Grebbestad’s brewery is the oldest microbrewery in Sweden. It’s located in Grebbestad on the Swedish west coast, a stone’s throw from TanumStrand. They are known for, among other things, their Oyster Porter and Double Bock.