Culinary experiences at TanumStrand

Hand-picked oysters from Grebbestad’s oyster bed, crayfish, crabs, clams, shrimp and freshly harvested seaweed are all part of the dining experience at restaurant Latitude 58°. Our chefs have composed a menu that suits both the most discerning connoisseurs as well as families with hungry children where everyone has their own preference.

Breakfast starting at 7:00 – 9.30 (Saturday – Sunday 10.30)
Lunch buffet and bistro starting at 12:00 – 14.00 ( Monday – Saturday)
Dinner starting at 18:00 – 21.00 (In January and February the restaurant close at 16:00 on Sundays)
The seafood buffet on Fridays starting at 18:00 (Until june 15, 2019 & august 16 – november 15, 2019)  
The Sunday brunch from 11.30 – 15.00 ( Jan 1 – june 17 & aug 18 – nov 17)

Seafood buffet

What would the West Coast and Bohuslän be without seafood? Between the fishing harbor in Grebbestad and the ocean as our nearest neighbor, we have access to the freshest ingredients. Come and experience our famous seafood buffet.

Our food

What do oysters, codfish, lightly smoked Swedish sirloin steak and golden lagers from Sweden’s oldest brewery have in common? Well, all these are mainstays of the food concept at restaurant Latitude 58°, of course!