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Lobster Fishing

Lobster fishing is a popular activity during the autumn months on the Swedish west coast, with age old history from Bohuslans fishing community where knowledge is passed down through generations. Experience the different elements of lobster fishing while listening to enchanting stories and archaic history about Bohuslans mightiest shellfish. Our lobster fishing activity is arranged in collaboration with Selin Charter, who has many years’ worth of experience in organising fishing trips in the Fjallbacka and Grebbestad archipelago.

Lobster opening season 2021

The lobster season opens up on September 27th at 7:00am, and runs until December 31st. This year’s lobster fishing packages are already available for booking with arrival on Fridays and departure on Sundays from October 1st to November 7th. More dates are likely to be added throughout November and December given a high demand.

Lobster fishing with accommodation

When you book a lobster fishing package with accommodation included, you will have a comfortable stay at our hotel and board the fishing boat M/S Sara directly from the hotel’s very own jetty. The trip is arranged on Saturdays and starts at 10:00am and lasts for approximately 2.5 hours.



About the package

Check in on Friday afternoon and enjoy the restaurants bountiful shellfish buffet towards the evening. If you’ve booked our lobster fishing package you’re in luck because you will even have the pleasure of enjoying half a lobster in addition to your magnificent buffet feast. Enjoy a peaceful hotel breakfast on Saturday morning before boarding the M/S Sara on the hotel jetty. All hands on deck! Throughout the fishing trip you will be hauling in the traps, all while Helena and Stephan guide you through the process of lobster fishing, accompanying the experience with age old fishing stories from times past. Refreshments and hot beverages will be served aboard the boat, all included in the package. 

We will be ashore in time for lunch at just around 12:30 where the chef’s hearty and warming fish soup awaits in restaurant Latitud 58°. Throughout the evening you are free to check out the crayfish boil in the boathouse that the hotel arranges every week. Wild oysters are also opened at the crayfish boil and for those who bought a lobster from the boat, you have the option of cooking it together with our chef. 

On Saturday night we serve our chef’s 3 course menu made from the season’s handpicked, local ingredients. There is also the possibility to add a wine package to your meal if so desired. Enjoy the evening in good company and end the day with a good night’s rest, and perhaps even sleep in on Sunday morning. You’re free to enjoy your Sunday in whatever way you like. Maybe a SPA day, relaxing in a sauna or hiking in the beautiful autumn nature.


The lobster fishing package includes
  • Accommodation at the hotel from Friday to Sunday
  • Breakfast buffet x 2
  • Lobster fishing with refreshments included
  • Shellfish buffet with a 1/2 lobster included on Friday evening
  • 3 course menu on Saturday night
  • A fish soup lunch on Saturday
  • Entry to the bath house, Stora Blå
  • Entry to the hotel gym
Practical information

There’s a toilet on board and an area to warm up. Dress in comfortable attire in accordance to current weather conditions. It is recommended that you dress in several layers with a water proof, outer layer of clothing. Water boots are not a must but a sturdy pair of winter boots are optimal. During this time of year Bohulslans archipelago is stunningly beautiful, with the right clothing and a heated boat, this is one of the best experiences of the sea that you can have in West Sweden!


Possible Options

Crayfish boil and oyster opening
The crayfish boil at the boathouse is a separate and optional activity if you’d like to enjoy the shellfish experience in its entirety.
To drop by, have a look and get cooking tips from the chef is totally free and doesn’t require booking. If you like, you can purchase freshly cooked crayfish, a glass of champagne and oysters to celebrate the day’s catch.

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Entrance to the SPA
If you’d like to relax after your fishing trip, book an entrance to SPA Horisont. The package includes entry to Stora Blå which is open for all ages, while SPA Horisont has a 16 year age limit.

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Buy a lobster
You can purchase a lobster directly from the fishing boat that you can take with you to the crayfish boil where our chef will help you prepare it. Enjoy your catch of the day along with champagne before dinner, or take your expertly prepared lobster with you home.


Late checkout and lunch
No need to rush! Book a late check out and enjoy a good Sunday lunch at our restaurant before heading off.

How do you fish for lobsters?

It is only allowed for lobsters to be caught using lobster traps that should have at least two circular escape vents of at least 60 millimetres. For recreational fishing, a person is allowed to have no more than six lobster traps, while licensed and professional fisher men can have up to 40 traps. The traps are placed on the seabed during the fishing season with the help of a rope leading to the surface with a marking. The markings are often a big colorful ball or cylinder, often in the colors red, orange, white or yellow.
A lobster must have a carapace length longer than 9 centimetres between the trailing edge of the eye and the trailing edge of the main shield to be retained. Lobsters with a shorter carapace length must be released. It is also not allowed to keep lobsters that carry eggs. A living lobster is black and is referred to as ”the oceans black gold”. When a lobster is cooked, the colour of the shell changes to red.

Group or company?

Are you interested in booking a lobster fishing package as a company activity, or perhaps as a larger private group? We arrange trips on request, designed and dated as per your convenience.

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