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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Rent a SUP – Experience the archipelago peacefully on your own
During the warmer part of the year, you can rent our SUP boards. A both harmonious and environmentally friendly way to experience the shoreline and the nearest archipelago of Fjällbacka and Grebbestad outside TanumStrand. You are challenged in balance and presence and move slowly with your paddle.

It is possible to both sit on your knees and paddle for more stability, or for those who want to stand up, of course that works perfectly fine. When paddling, all the muscles of the body are also used, which makes it an excellent form of exercise.

500 SEK / full day
250 SEK / half day
100 SEK / hour

Book the reception. No previous knowledge is required, but you need to be able to swim to rent. Lifevests are included in the price.

Recommendations from our activity staff
Swimwear can be practical if you get wet when getting on and off, otherwise soft clothes such as tights and sweaters also work well. Remember to wear clothes in a material that does not absorb that much water. Also no garments with zippers, buttons or other sharp objects as these can damage the board.
Waterproof sunscreen is, as always, when you are out on the water a good idea, and maybe something on your head like a cap or sun hat.

Facts About Stand Up Paddleboarding
Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is originally from Hawaii and is a development of wave surfing. Paddleboarding means that you stand up on a large board and paddle with a paddle. SUP has become hugely popular worldwide for its versatility and health effects. In Sweden, SUP has developed around flatter waters, as it provides a comfortable and relaxing paddling. Doing your yoga session on the board is also growing in popularity. You who are a little more action and training-focused can with your SUP run race, distance or participate in various competitions here in Sweden as well.