Oysters and champagne

Tasting wild-caught oysters from the oyster banks outside Grebbestad – hand-picked by the Bröderna Klemming – is a must when visiting TanumStrand. In the boathouse you will know how to open and enjoy them in the best way.

Oysters & Bubble – buy ticket at the boathouse at the dock 195: –
All Fridays and Saturdays at 15:00 – 17:30 except June 12 – August 16.

The world’s best oysters

Oysters are the seafood that Grebbestad is most associated with. In Grebbestad, the Oyster Academy has its seat and here is one of Sweden’s largest supplier of wild-caught oysters. Take a chance and learn most of this sensual, salty West Coast delicacy, a dining experience that, along with a glass of champagne, will turn into a luxurious surprise.

The Klemming brothers

We buy our oysters from Bröderna Klemming Dykhjelp. They dive and pick wild oysters by hand on bohusland oyster banks in the sea outside Grebbestad.
The large older oysters that go to the sale are grated to make room for the smaller ones. An oyster takes at least six years to get up to proper size and achieve the best grade. They grow in Bohuslän’s pure cold sea water, which gives them the finest quality and taste in the world.