Nature reserve in Grebbestad

Tjurpannan is located southwest of Havstenssund

Only 15 minutes drive north of TanumStrand lies a mighty nature reserve with free horizon to the west. Tjurpannan has no protective archipelago. The inland cut-off route passes close by and has at all times constituted a dreaded passage among seafarers. The western part of the area is characterized by steep rocky beaches, here and there were broken bays with blocks, gravel and in some cases sandy beaches.The exposed location and past grazing have formed a very open moorland and rocky landscape. The area is easily strolled and from the many highlights, magnificent views from the mainland across the archipelago are offered towards the horizon in the southwest.

If you visit the Tjurtpannan during the summer, you will find several nice swimming spots. A visit to the Tjurpannan during a storm is an exciting nature experience, but be careful – don’t go too far out on the rocks!

Tjurpannan, LÅNGEBY, Grebbestad, Sverige

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