Lobster fishing

Follow a fisherman from Fjällbacka

M / S Mira adds at Fjällbacka jetty and picks up you who want to accompany the fisherman Ingemar Granqvist out on the sea. Together with Ingemar you get to fish lobster and learn more about the history of the islands. And of course – experience the beautiful Bohusland archipelago.

All Saturdays during the autumn lobster season there is the opportunity to follow on the lobster safari. Lobster fishing is one of the real highlights of the year for housing loans. Then the locals go out of the houses to catch the black gold of the sea. The trip is just over 3 hours long and you can join in to draw lobster tins and everything else that belongs to the lobster fishery.

If the weather permits, M / S Mira usually take a walk past Dannholmen and actress Ingrid Bergman’s summer house, which is located majestically on the rocks. On the way we can see where she spent her summers.

You who booked a lobster fishing package are pre-booked on this tour. If you want to keep up with lobster fishing and do not have this in your package, you can book the trip separately.

Now the lobster season is over for this year – the next occasion September 26, 2020.