Kanotpaddling Dalsland


At this page you find our recommendations of places to go if you want to go canoeing in the beautiful lakes of north Bohuslän from centers not so far from the hotel. The difference between a canoe and a kayak is that the seat opening in a canoe is bigger, and the canoe often seems more stable when paddling. Perfect if your new to paddling and don’t want it to be, you know, too much action.. The beautiful woods of Dalsland in Bohuslän is definitely something else that the salty cool cliffs of the coast line – Which one becomes your favorite?


Ranebo outdoor-facility

30 minutes by car from TanumStrand, right at the foot of the lake Nedre Bolsjön you will find Ranebo outdoor-facility. Come here to calm down and rent a canoe over the day to explore the fantastic forest environment by lake. Lake Bolsjön is a fantastic swimming lake with fresh and clear water which makes it a perfect either for canoeing, swimming and simply relaxing and sunbathing. So, pack your lunches, bring your sunglasses and explore this oasis in the forest. For booking and more information call +46525-180 00.


Friluftsfrämjandet – The canoe center in Munkedal

The canoe center north of Munkedal is perfect for the person who seeks calmness and at the same time gets to experience everything the Swedish forest has to offer. Here, you can rent both canoes or kayaks to travel the 25 miles long Flottarleden by the lake of Vassbotten, a life-jacket is included when you rent a canoe or kayak. Take the opportunity to mix the salty sea and pulse of the seaside with the calmness of Swedish forest. The Canoecentral is run by the ideal association Friluftsfrämjandet who works towards public health, happiness of life and a respect for nature. Via their website you can find a digital map to help you along your journey and also information about the Swedish “allemansrätt”. To get here you’ll have to travel by car for 45 minutes, the adress is Kaserna 8, 455 92 Munkedal.