Freshly cooked crayfish on the dock

Crayfish on Udden – a dear tradition at TanumStrand
Experience a real crayfish on the dock, see how freshly caught sea lobsters turn into salty delicacies in a steaming hot pot. On site there is expertise that gives the best tips on the dill, salt, secrets and cooking time. Of course, we end by tasting the newly cooked crayfish around the pot with a glass of bubble.

All Fridays and Saturdays at 15:00 – 17:30 except June 12 – August 16
Freshly cooked crayfish and a glass of bubble – buy ticket at dock 195: –

Sea crayfish according to

Crayfish are fantastic seafood. Be sure to remove the stomach on canned crayfish, otherwise it may give a little fishy bait flavor. If you want to make broth on the crust, it is extra important to remove the stomach. I usually cook crayfish with dill, quite a lot of salt and maybe a splash of beer. I do not use onions, it does not add anything in my opinion. Remember not to cook crayfish for too long, as they will be dull and dreary. I usually pick up the crab when it boils up and give it a little breeze, then let it lie down and spend a day in the shovel. Another way to eat crayfish is to make a Carpaccio. Take raw crayfish tails and knock out between two plastic sheets. Add truffle, olive oil and salt. That’s damn good!

Leif Mannerström at TanumStrand March 2018